Online Catch and Release Striped Bass Tournament

Competitive Fun While Helping to Preserve the Striped Bass Population

The benefits of proper catch and release practices have proved vital to the future of a number of fisheries around the country as it is the best means of preserving and enhancing fish populations.  It is yet another way that anglers contribute to conservation and preservation of our natural resources. will hold the Hudson valleys first Online Catch and Release Striper Tournament . While striving to maintain a fair, friendly and competitive tournament our main goal is protecting our resources and the great fishery we have here on the Hudson River.

Take a Picture Instead of Bringing Your Fish to a Weigh Station

With the explosion of smart phones, technology and the increased availability of internet and cellular networks from just about any place on earth most sportsmen and women consider their phone one of their most important tools they own and don’t leave home without one.  If you own a smart phone and are able to send a simple text message then would like to invite you to participate in Online Catch and Release Striper Tournament weekend. Photographing your entry will create and accurate record and allow a safe release of our favorite game fish.  Although this may be the first contest of its kind here in our area and a learning process for many more to come we feel we can have a fair, fun and yet competitive tournament utilizing the internet and smart phones of today.  Click here to read more about how our tournament works.

Two days of fun and friendly competition

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DEC Striped Bass Cooperative Anglers Program